Tensor Learning

High Performance Tensor Computing for Machine Learning

We developed efficient tensor libraries for tensor decompositions and tensor networks, including CP, Tucker, Hierarchical Tucker, tensor-train, tensor-ring, low-tubal-rank tensor decompositions, etc. We provide efficient primitives for tensor, Hadamard, Khatri-Tao products; contraction, matricization, tensor times matrix (TTM), matricized tensor times Khatri-Rao product (MTTKRP), on tensor cores. These operations are the key components of the tensor algebra.

E.g., cuTensor-tubal library adopts a frequency domain computation scheme. We optimize the data transfer, memory access, and support seven key tensor operations: t-FFT, inverse t-FFT, t-product, t-SVD, t-QR, t-inverse, and t-normalization. cuTensor-tubal library fully exploits the separability in the frequency domain and maps the tube-wise and slice-wise parallelisms onto the single instruction multiple thread (SIMT) GPU architecture.


We briefly summarize its concept as well as basic and key operations, and introduce how to compute third-order tensor operations of this model on GPUs. Throughout this study, we focus on realvalue third-order tensors in the space R


We design this library on top of existing highly optimized CUDA libraries including cuFFT `{`27`}`, cuBLAS `{`27`}`, cuSolver `{`27`}`, Magma `{`28`}`, and KBLAS `{`29`}` for efficient vector Fourier transform and matrix computations.


The cuTensor-tubal library consists of five layers: Applications; cuTensor-tubal API; Third-party tensor libraries; CUDA libraries; Hardware platform.


We measure the running time and speedups of seven key tensor operations.We test tensor operation performance, and further test tensor completion and t-SVD-based video compression performance.


Early works accelerate tensor computations primarily on single machines with multi-core CPUs or distributed CPU clusters. Later with the advent of the high-performance GPUs, more and more works adopt GPUs to accelerate intensively computational tensor computations.


We presented a cuTensor-tubal library of common tensor operations for low-tubal-rank tensor decomposition.In the future, we plan to extend the cuTensor-tubal library to include more tensor operations,and scale the library onto multi-GPU systems.

TensorLet Team

The achievement of cuTensor we did by now!

For tensor decompositions, our cuTensor library achieves speedups xxx.

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